• 22-24 November, 2023

    International Building, Construction Materials and Infrastructure Exhibition

    Baghdad, Iraq

About Building Iraq

International Building, Construction Materials and Infrastructure Exhibition will take place in Bagdad, Iraq in 22-24 November 2023.

Iraq makes immense efforts to increase the production and waiting for international investment. Iraq is a country where many developed countries compete with each other for the share of the projects and tenders. According to Iraq Ministry of Construction and Housing, Iraq needs foreign companies, investors for school, hospital, road, bridge, housing and infrastructure projects.

Exhibiting Countries
3,000 m2
Exhibition Area/m2

Iraq is in the process of restructuring, has high potential and having a suitable environment for foreign investors in the country. Because of the restructuring process, it is anticipated that the construction materials, construction machinery and equipment market, especially cement, will continue to be dynamic in the coming years. According to Iraq Ministry of Planning, Iraq needs $ 100 billion in restructuring. Business friendly climate, duty free access and competitive labour costs have successfully created new investments and employment opportunities.

In 2022 edition the exhibition was held in 3000 sqm with the participation of 14 countries and visited by more than 5000+ professionals.

The opening ceremony of Building Iraq Exhibition was held with the participation of Mr. Ather Al-Ghurairy Iraq Ministry of Trading, H.E. Ali Rıza Güney Ambassador of Türkiye to Baghdad, H.E. Pedro Martinez-Avial Ambassador of Spain to Baghdad. It was visited by Mr. Faisal Abdulaziz Alhammad, Commercial Attache of Saudi Arabia in Baghdad.

Connecting The Construction Industry In Iraq

Discover the latest advancements in construction and building technology at the ‘Building Iraq Exhibition’ in Baghdad, Iraq. Connect with industry professionals and experts, explore cutting-edge products and services, and gain valuable insights through interactive workshops and demonstrations. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your knowledge and grow your network in the dynamic world of construction and building. Register now to secure your spot at the Building Iraq Exhibition and experience the future of the industry.

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About Iraq

Growing construction market in Iraq: With a growing population and increasing demand for housing, infrastructure and commercial developments, the construction market in Iraq offers significant growth potential for exhibitors.
Large investment in infrastructure development: Iraq has significant plans for infrastructure development, with large investments being made in projects such as roads, bridges, airports, and hospitals.
Growing demand for construction technology and materials: With increased construction activity, there is a growing demand for innovative building technology and materials that can improve efficiency and quality.
Increase in foreign investment: With a growing economy and improving security, Iraq is attracting more foreign investment in the construction and building sector, providing new opportunities for exhibitors.
Robust real estate market: The real estate market in Iraq is growing, with increased demand for residential, commercial and industrial properties. This presents a significant opportunity for exhibitors in the construction and building industry.
Growing demand for energy-efficient buildings: With a focus on sustainability, there is an increasing demand for energy-efficient buildings in Iraq, presenting an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their green building solutions.
High levels of government support: The government in Iraq is supportive of the construction and building industry and is investing in initiatives to drive growth and development, creating a favorable environment for exhibitors.

Product categories at the event


Why Exhibit?

  • Reach a large and targeted audience: Showcase your products and services to a highly engaged group of construction and building professionals, architects, and contractors.
  • Network and build relationships: Meet and connect with potential customers, suppliers, and partners to expand your network and grow your business.
  • Demonstrate expertise: Share your knowledge and experience with the industry to establish your brand as a thought leader and trusted partner.
  • Launch new products and services: Unveil your latest offerings and create buzz in the industry.
  • Generate leads: Collect valuable leads and make new contacts to drive future sales and business opportunities.
  • Increase brand awareness: Increase visibility and exposure for your company and brand by participating in the event.
  • Enhance credibility: Participate in the event to demonstrate your company's commitment to the construction and building industry and enhance your credibility.
  • Stay current with industry trends: Stay informed on the latest industry trends, best practices, and innovations by participating in the event and attending workshops and demonstrations.
  • Collaborate with other companies: Collaborate with other companies and organizations to explore new business opportunities and jointly develop new products and services.
  • Access to valuable market insights: Gather valuable market insights, feedback and research to inform your business strategy and make data-driven decisions.

Why Iraq?

$100 Billion

Iraqi Government has budgeted 100 billion USD for 157 Construction projects.

$600 Million

Worth of power plantdevelopment, technological revision and maintenance tenders won by the General Electric (GE)

$6 Billion

Iraqi Government hasbudgeted 6 billion USD for 85,000 residence construction project.

$200 Million

Hospital project by Acarsan Holding, worth $ 200 million, will be the largest hospital in Iraq operating for the last 30 years.


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